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Bug: a88/4a6

ID : 4a6fc439-d331-4720-9e76-1d9e37f0c2f9
Short name : a88/4a6
Status : open
Severity : minor
Assigned :
Reporter : Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Creator : Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Created : Mon, 20 Apr 2009 04:59:33 +0000
Target : 1.6
Summary : Make PuffinPlot scriptable [55]

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ID: f9082e3f-07b5-4558-a187-30040629cc3d
Short name: a88/4a6/f90
From: Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 04:59:33 +0000

Hard work but the rewards would be tremendous. A command console in the
running program to perform custom manipulations en masse. A headless
batch mode allowing PP to be incorporated into a publication build
script. Groovy is an obvious choice for language, but ruby seems well-
regarded for constructing simple DSLs.

Probably too time-consuming ever to be implemented, but nice to have
on the wishlist. (Actually, would be easy to do as Groovy hooks 
straight into the Puffin's guts; the hard bit would be designing
a DSL simple enough for people to use without intimate knowledge of
PP's internals.)

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ID: c3ab86c4-b0c0-453f-b87a-43f0f38be12f
Short name: a88/4a6/c3a
From: Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 22:41:33 +0000

Given Python's popularity with the scientific and particularly pmag
crowd, jython might be the best choice -- it was stagnant for a long
time but 2.5 has recently come out. See
(also JLineConsole and InteractiveInterpreter in same package)
http://don.freeshell.org/jython/ and

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ID: ed30df74-ae00-4042-859b-81f507930c09
Short name: a88/4a6/ed3
From: Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 03:48:38 +0000

This has now mostly been implemented as #176, with a bundled
Jython interpreter. However, I can't close it yet, as PuffinPlot
still lacks an interactive console ( http://don.freeshell.org/jython/
currently looks like a promising candidate, though).