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Bug: a88/418

ID : 41886870-232a-405e-9a54-3b4f55ce6fda
Short name : a88/418
Status : open
Severity : minor
Assigned :
Reporter : Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Creator : Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Created : Thu, 17 Nov 2011 20:48:27 +0000
Target : 1.5
Summary : Add support for AMS import from non-Agico files [191]

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ID: a21f2eba-cdf0-4a78-bee3-88ac46593cac
Short name: a88/418/a21
From: Pontus Lurcock <pont@talvi.net>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 20:48:27 +0000

Currently, Suite contains importAmsFromDelimitedFile and
importAmsFromAsc, but only the latter is actually tied to 
the user interface. For anyone not using the Agico software,
this would mean that the only way to import AMS data would be
to mock-up an Agico ASC file (ugh). I should re-add UI support 
for the ‘simple’ AMS import. The method supports both raw
tensors and principal axes directions, but I should probably
check them both before exposing it to the UI, since it hasn't
been extensively tested.