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In Memoriam: The Bike with No Name

Rust In Peace
The Bike With No Name

This modest page honours the memory of a bike which has served me well over many years, but has at last succumbed to the ravages of time. 1992 is a little conjectural: I'm pretty sure it was then I got it (after the previous one was nicked) but it was already second-hand then.

This bike has survived ten winters, two painful encounters with cars (one of which hospitalized me but left the bike entirely unharmed), one falling off the back of a car into a busy street, divers vandalism and attempts at theft, and innumerable minor scrapes, bumps, and knocks. It's hard to remember, but I think that the frame, handlebars, brake levers and gear shifters are virtually the only items remaining from the original bike. Nevertheless the soul of a bicycle resides in its frame, so it's still the same bike.

I thought that, having survived the worst of the winter, it had another year ahead of it, but some bastard buckled the back wheel while it was parked on the street, taking it over the "cheaper to buy a new one" threshold.

I realise that this page will interest no-one, but I felt that a bicycle which has served so well over so many years deserved some acknowledgement.

Postscript. The bike languished in a front garden for a couple of years. Then I came across a spare back wheel and got it working again. I gave it to Andy, who needed a bike, and it was stolen a couple of weeks later. Disappointing.

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