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Lecture notes

In my undergraduate days I occasionally rendered lecture notes into LaTeX for the common weal. I have just stumbled across the results, and thought the common weal might be served by putting them here, where the world can get at them. They relate to Oxford undergraduate maths and computation courses from the fag-end of the last millenium, but seem sufficiently verbose to be of some use without the accompanying lectures.

Continuity LaTeX DVI PS.gz PDF HTML
Continuity summary LaTeX DVI PS.gz PDF HTML
Probability LaTeX DVI PS.gz PDF HTML
Abstract Algebra summary LaTeX DVI PS.gz PDF HTML
Distributed Systems LaTeX DVI PS.gz PDF HTML
Elementary Number Theory (not by me) LaTeX DVI PS.gz PDF HTML

In order to process any of my LaTeX, you will need mymaths.sty, a style file with a few useful definitions. I also have the xfig files (here and here) for the diagrams in the Distributed Systems notes.

The HTML was produced by Hevea with absolutely no help from me, and I haven't checked it at all (lacking the necessary browser setup to do so) so it might be gibberish.

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