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The bicycle is the cheapest and handiest form of transport. Whether it be for riding to work or business, for shopping, visiting friends, for evening or week-end spins or a holiday tour, the bicycle is always ready for the occasion.

Purchase and maintenance costs are very cheap compared with the years of service rendered, and only a few simple rules should be observed to keep the machine in running order.

Apart from the undoubted usefulness of the bicycle for business and pleasure purposes, the value of cycling from a health point of view cannot be too strongly emphasised. Doctors are unanimous in describing its beneficial results. Even if only used for business purposes, the rider will benefit by improved general health.

When used for pleasure spins in the country, the bicycle has the knack of taking the rider completely away from all worries and cares. It provides a complete change from everyday routine and gives the cyclist freedom to wander along the country lanes, with stops for rest or refreshment at will.

-- from All you want to know on Cycling, compiled by D. T. Hedges, circa 1940, published by Bernards, London.

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