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1stWord+ to RTF Converter

1stWord+ was an early word processor for 32-bit Acorn computers. 1wp2rtf, as the name implies, converts 1stWord+ files to Rich Text Format. It's fairly basic: it handles character styles (bold, italic and so forth) and makes an attempt at handling indented text blocks.

On the input side, I've tested it with the 1stWord+ files I needed to have converted (chiefly my dad's literary output for the past decade). On the output side, I've tested the RTF files with OpenOffice 1.1. Works For Me, Your Mileage May Vary. Contact me (or hack it yourself) if you hit trouble.

it's written in moderately commented Python and released under the GPL. This message is a useful reference on Fancy Text Format, which 1stWord+ extends; it was most useful in the production of 1wp2rtf.

The program itself: 1wp2rtf.

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