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The Recipe Repository

A few recipes I've accumulated over the years. Mainly they're here so that I (and, occasionally, interested friends) can make use of them wherever I (or they) happen to be. I'm not under any delusions as to their usefulness (or otherwise) to the world at large, although the Potatislimpa recipe is, I believe, quite hard to come by, and the gingerbread (pepparkakor) recipe is rather tasty and fully vegan if you use margarine.

It's a bit ramshackle: some of these are in English, some are in Swedish, and I've even bothered translating a couple. In the latter case, Apache Multiviews should take care of the linguistic preference and show you the page for whatever language your browser is configured to prefer. Further translations upon request, in the thoroughly unlikely event of anyone being interested.


I've discovered that not everyone knows what a dl is. Here's a brief table of units used.

dl decilitre (one-tenth of a litre)
hg hectogram (one hundred grams)
tsp (or tsk) teaspoon
tbsp (or msk) tablespoon

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