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Sphere of operations: largely southern New Zealand, though occasionally extending as far north as England and Finland.

Sphere of interest: wide, ill-defined. Etymology. Ornithology. Beer.

"What are your general areas of interest?"
"Aerodynamics. Designer jeans. Roofing supplies. That sort of thing."
"What sort of thing?"
"You know, liquidity. Point-of-sale. Margin accounts. Fast lane."
-- Zonker Harris, 1982)

Affiliantions (partial): Jack Frost Morris Dancing, Dunedin, New Zealand; Aruandê Capoeira; the University of Otago.

Current course: geological, with frequent excursions

Visibility: moderate to good


I'm loath to post my email address here as I get a fair bit of spam already and I don't want any more. But my name is pont, and my domain name is talvi.net, and if you attach those two, in the correct order, using an @ sign, you will have my address and I will no doubt be delighted to hear from you.

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